About Dagmay

DAGMAY first saw the light in 2001 as a quarterly (and then annual) literary journal of the Davao Writers Guild before it became attached to SunStar Davao as a monthly literary supplement for the entire year of 2006. We envisioned it as a much needed space for the literary expressions of the Davao community, whether these be written in Cebuano, Filipino, Davaoeno, Kiniray-a, or English. It had a successful run last year, but had to cease publication at the end of the project cycle.

Today, however, marks the third life of DAGMAY in our community. And for this, the Guild would like to thank SunStar Publications for taking it upon themselves to sustain the project we foisted on them more than a year ago. The National Commission on Culture and the Arts, through its Committee on Literary Arts, will continue to be a part of this project, as will the Davao Writers Guild whose members will continue to oversee its contents.

Although reduced to just a single page now, DAGMAY will come out as a literary page of SunStar Davao every Sunday. We therefore invite everyone to submit to davaowritersguild@yahoo.com.ph their short fiction, poems, or essays about anything in general but preferably about matters or places or people or feelings about being a Davaoeno here and now.

Daghang salamat!

Ricardo M. de Ungria
Founder, Davao Writers Guild

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  1. 07/05/17

    Good evening. I am a senior high student from AdDU and would like to interview Mr. Ungria for my Literature class. It would be a great help if any of the administrators of the site could ask him if he is open to interview. It will just be a short interview, nothing too personal.

    Thank you so much!

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