About the Davao Writers Guild

The Davao Writers Guild (DWG) is the only writers organization in Mindanao that is incorporated. Operating since 1999, it has been the home of literary writers in Davao and has organized literary readings and writers workshops in Davao City as well as other areas in Southern and Eastern Mindanao. It has also published books through its Tubao Series, as well as individual literary works by Mindanao writers in its literary folio, Dagmay, which comes out in print and online.

Officers (2014-present)

Jhoanna Lynn Cruz

Edmond Julian de la Cerna
Vice President

John Bengan

Dominique Gerald Cimafranca

Yas Ocampo
Press Relations


Aida Rivera Ford

Tita Lacambra Ayala

Macario Tiu

Margot Marfori

Rene Estremera

Jeffrey Javier

Nonoy Narciso

Maria Morales

Bernard Julian Patiño

Josie Tejada

Darylle Rubino

Gracielle Deanne Tubera

Errol Merquita

Nassefh Mohammed Macla

3 thoughts on “About the Davao Writers Guild”

  1. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Good day!

    Brilliant Creations Publishing, Inc., a Philippine educational publishing company, is putting together a manuscript for publication. We are interested in including in the publication, poem by Edith Tiempo “Bonsai.”

    I write to you to ask if you happen to know where or how we can contact Ms. Edith Tiempo’s heirs or representative/s as we would like to ask permission to use some of her works. We would appreciate any contact information you can give us regarding the proper rights holder.

    Thank you.


    Teresita M. Anastacio
    Senior Textbook Editor
    Brilliant Creations Publishing, Inc.

  2. Dear Ms. Anastacio,

    Edith Tiempo hails from Dumaguete City, pls contact Silliman University at (035) 4226002 connect to English and Literature Department or the University Library, someone can surely assist you to connect with her relatives in the City..

  3. Dear Sir/Ma’am,

    Good day!

    I am a student from Ateneo De Davao University, we were assigned by our teacher to pick a local writer for our research. I chose Mr. Errol Merquita as my subject.

    I write to you to ask if you happen to know where or how I can contact Mr. Errol Merquita because I want to ask more about his background and what influences him to write.

    Thank you.


    Mhark Jhonn Diaz

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